Following in-depth discussions between Detia Degesch/RAMPS and the Chemical Regulations Directorate (CRD) it has been announced that product authorisations for the use of aluminium/magnesium phosphide tablets and pellets are to be revised.

Faced with the prospect that these products could not be used in direct contact with commodities being exported outside the EU, several leading industry bodies advised CRD of the severe implications that such a restriction would have on existing export contracts.

CRD initially met this concern by issuing a derogation (still in place) whereby product could be sold until 30th June 2016 and used until 30th September 2016. This required evidence that its use was for commodity exports outside the EU stipulating direct contact between fumigant and commodity.

Now; having given the case their full consideration and taken advice from the industry CRD have made the amendments a permanent part of the product approvals.

The new product authorisation will now include:

  • (2) Pellets or their spend residues must not come into contact with food or feed
  • (3) Other specific conditions (2) do not apply in the following circumstances
    – Treated unprocessed food or feedstuffs are destined for export outside the EU and
    – The product is treated under contract from the destination country and the sanitary/phytosanitary of the importing country specifies that direct insertion of the pellets/tablets is required.

Detia Degesch/RAMPS would like to express their gratitude the Chemical Regulations Directorate for the prompt and considered manner in which this matter was resolved.